Tuesday, July 17, 2018

here's one i made earlier

by Asudem Latex

A lot of people approach me want to fuck, but I’m not really into that, with them at least, but I always like to provide alternatives. I have very specific tastes that I have been honing and perfecting them for some time now. You see, I love what I see in the mirror.

Here’s Rita, she’s pretty much like me in every way I could engineer, except she’s also now very pliant to all my commands. Almost mechanically so which also really really turns me on. She used to have the same desperate ambitions to get on top of me but I was able to modify her into a much more amenable shape to all my ‘specialist tastes’. She could of never of “done it” for more me before - but now -  “Wow” - we’re at it for hours upon hours!! Best of all you can’t tell where she begins and I end. She’s my desires manifested from a mirror.

Best of all I’ve been training her with hypnotic commands in her ‘off time’ and she’s lost her will and can no longer resist. She’s my programable doll through and through. she can even freeze and be posed like a mannequin and put to sleep as I need her, yet always uncontrollably wet and ready for me when activated. No worries, no thoughts - just pleasure.

Now if you like you can have an hour with her and I’ll have to charge you to contribute to her continued development and her final processing - after all she’s close to the automatic love doll I’ve always desired but there’s a few more changes I’d like to install before she’s really ‘perfected’. I’ve even sourced a procedure to latexify her skin as to be easy to clean and take her beyond human into the doll I so desperately want in a lover. I’m also faced with the choice according to the dark web lab of leaving her skin tone “as it is” or opting for even artificial tone to match a barbie. Both are so hot and I can’t decide! One she can still pass as human and the other - well we’d only go out to specialist events at night where this type of thing is celebrated…  Perhaps once she’s all sorted I’ll continue the procedure on myself - giving her the barbie coloured latex skin while I am more passible normal yet slick, squeaky and glossy. I can just get wet at imaging use entwined, slipping, squeaking as loose ourselves in pleasure.

Oh there’s so many final decisions before that process is applied as once its done there’s barely anything I can add. Sort of like a lacqer on a mannequin. I mean do I even need or want her natural hair? Wigs are so much less maintenance. Tattoo her lipstick and nipple colours on - coordinated? All of her make up or none at all? I’m siding on permanence detailing for low maintenance. Although while she has lovely eyes - how will we tell each other apart? I do love anime so bright colour anime eyes staining is already definitely on my to do list. Pink to match her lipstick?

Thats all a months away so in the meantime you can road test her for the next hour and do with like you like. I’ll have a questionnaire for improvements you’ll need to complete as well. She’s utterly accommodating and easy to clean. She’s well on the way to being a perfect toy even at this stage - everything now is simply fine detailing.

Perhaps her submissive obedience, and relentless attention will sell you on joining our little matching blonde trio and become automated just like her? Just how much do you want really me? A passing urge or a full blown submissive desire to always please and be with me that won’t leave you mind and heart? I am serious.

Don’t think I can do it or even done it? Well this is a photo of her before. Yes really I’m that good.

After that you’ll have two months to decide to become my putty and eventually a doll identical to her in absolutely all ways bar the eye colour. I need some way to tell you apart after all. She’ll be done by then and you’ll have a last chance to try her out before you commit totally - and I do mean totally. A good sign is if you can’t get us out of your head and you frig yourself off every night dreaming about us.

Oh if you want to get a start then loose the sneakers immediately and start to wear heels the highest you can manage - all the time! then when used to those get higher till your pretty well on your tip toes. She’s now never out of 5 1/2 ones and she can never walk flat footed again. This heel training becomes a real physical trap in your own body!! So mannequin like and much more after the final stage. If your dedication and heel training is sincere you’ll be surprised that your tendons will dramatically shorten in that time and anything less than 4 inches will be painful and impossible to wear. My taste in couture fetish clothes will utterly define and mold the new you.

I’ve dropped enough hints in my description of her to know what else I like in the mirror.

I’ll see you in two months and don’t worry at all - I have people to take care all the final details if you commit - you’ll just disappear abroad with ‘work’ having sorted all the paper work… just hope I don’t change my mind and loose interest in you and collecting a 2nd doll.

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