Wednesday, February 05, 2020

now back in Second Life... permentally?

some of you may have deduced i've had a bad year or two of health issues. so blog not being updated and rl latex wearing stopped. totally lost heel skills as well of course.

i also had to move, and now settled with a better internet connection. so back in sl to find out everything is of date and i'm appearing as a puff of smoke. can someone help me with shopping and all that?

but my real though during hospital time was wanting to automate my AV into a remote controlled doll and being able to leave myself in world. a mannequin / statue that could be taken down and played with.

second lifers who can help? msg me.

i think i should dispense free note cards, links etc etc. i could be logged in but you'd never know unless the land owner/mistress enabled me.

to that end i revisited a club and found an old friend was still there - reaching 5 years as a solid rubber statue. it made me go all weird and butterfly-ee in a good way.

 i've been by a few times and manage to communicate a bit. her style is latex art deco. i'd of course have to fit in - but with a pink bob. touch the note card to see how she ended up there.

there's loads of automatons or victims. i can't as they are mainly mute.

you can dance. dance with the latex bots. its your choice? do they call to you? if you join them do they make the judgement to join them?

i toured the place a few times, took some shots of what was there to share my possible end location - forever.

in the corner i even found a rubber domme who must of something to annoy the owner. she's trapped now as a shell. i had the urge to knee and to attend to her. trapped in a loop cleaning her boots with my tongue.

is she there willingly? is she another gate keeper to this land. another eye looking for just the right person with hidden needs to utterly and permanently surrender too as decoration? i am still not sure.

siren or prisoner?

then to show willing interest, i settled into the basic doll programing booth as a step forward.

i'm already formulating stories, scenario's etc. being the most verbose doll you'd ever meet.



Chrissy Abbot said...

For remote control purposes, I've got two favorites. The 'Possession' hud from Silenced lets someone take total control over anothers' avatar. The 'Avatar Charm' from Sarah's Sanctuary is a gadget that you wear (it looks like a little decorative broach) that lets someone take near total control over your avatar. Both include the options to put the submissive under heavy RLV restrictions, walk, talk, and emote as the subject. Neither, however, can redirect IMs sent to the submissive to the controller, or replies from the controller back as IMs from the submissive. (Though, with a willing submissive who's available to copy-paste in both directions, that can be worked around)

Obviously, 'Possession' is the better option for people who prefer control play from the dominant side, since it lets them control a series of people, while the Avatar Charm is better for the submissive who wants to be able to let anyone take control. The Charm is also no-copy/trans, so you can share it. Though I'm a submissive myself, I've got both, if you're interested in trying it. :)

Anonymous said...

what club if i may ask