Friday, February 07, 2020

now i know where they came from

the mannequin catsuit is by the engineers at Fantasic Rubber while the shoot and model is from LXXT on Deviant Art

make  sure you send compliments there on Deviant Art and you can order from FR.

so wish they was more in a the series. also a real mannequin mask would make it amazing - like a rubber mold of a real mannequin she could wear.

interesting thing about Fantastic Rubber is they do 'neck entry' catsuits. yes its as hard as you'd image it would be. once on you really don't want to take it off as its alot of work, possibly a person job.

there is a video somewhere... but can't find it yet. so later.

this entire idea i thought would pleasing to Kumi Itoku as we've been discussing the technical aspects of living as Mistresses latex doll long term. i figure that some sort of hypnnotic state could be envoked so the doll would undress, deep wash, powder etc and then back in a fresh suit.

of course once one has the hypnosis working at that level..... and other idea i've been playing with is actual fetish hypnotic activators and traps. think of the old curse shoe plot point. but it could be ballet boots, collar or even mask. i found a cool ring on aliexpress that has the old style woman's prole 'twas a Victorian thing. will add a shot soon. just begging to be a hypno trigger for EGL doll.

the owner of course would want this to be automatic and beyond her sight so her doll in her her knowledge would always be latex. just working out the kinks really :-)


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