Friday, April 24, 2020

i mam alive, but did have the virus

just a minor update.

still tired.

will be back in SL over weekend. 


 ps; where else do you visit? post links. not seen any good doll / tf / fetish in forever. 


Anonymous said...

Glad you're OK.

Anonymous said...

I found a lot of really good doll tf art on the site (you can login with Google accounts). Enter this tag "人形化"

Anonymous said...

Also while you're on pixiv, check this user they make stuff for SL

John Evans said...

Glad you have recovered. Take care of yourself.

Mike09 said...

The only good fetish/transformation I've seen in Second Life would be the Latex Nurse and Latex Mouse ones at Poppy's Hangout:
It also has all other transformation stuff there, some are good, while others are terrible (depends how you see them).
But the already mentioned ones are really good!
The transformation area is inside the castle, at the left side from where you are landing.

Other transformation (even though it's not really a transformation) would be in the drone(s) in the Drone area at Sarah Sanctuary:

Other new and interesting transformations, I really don't know.
There's a real lack of transformation and fetish transformation sims/areas in Second Life. It's really sad.

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BRubberV8 said...

Happy to see you've dodged another health scare! I've been reading your blog since the beginning!

What do I visit? Well I post on forum called "Celeb Shiny" which resurrected the theme of the long lost "Kinky Gerlinky" forum. The purpose to share celebrities who appear in fetishy outfits of course.

Beyond that, these days you can find most everything on Instagram or Twitter with the right hashtags! I've found the world of latex Kigurumi to be pretty interesting. Meanwhile the technological advancements in silicon female masking is very intriguing. There are some creations I've seen which look completely realistic, in addition to the full body silicone suits that are worn.