Saturday, May 02, 2020

future fashion post corona

i read that there's a lot of 3d printer hackers making things a well.

one sneeze and...

what they really need to complete the look is the re-engineered Acquo tall soft rubber boots. now theirs a sale on of 2nds and the new generation is made that are much glossier. the first run are good, not a flat as normal rubber boots, but not wet latex or super gloss black pvc look.

they're 40% off so actually affordable now here at Acquo Boots Outlet.

more locally Sigerson and Morrison had knee high variants in jelly bean colors and black of course. i had two pair so far - and wore them to the point they fell apart.

i heard from my uk contributor who did a space girl shoot - biggest problem was it steaming up. apparently the motor cyclists have it solved tho.

so the only people to survive is the hard core rubberists and the techno ravers?



Anonymous said...

Genuinely not feeling the masks. Wondering if anyone makes a 4~6" wedge high heel rain boot?

Anonymous said...

There is a video around of a guy grocery shopping in a full body black catsuit with mask. While it is funny (and looks yummy), it actually doesn't protect him since it only covers the skin which is safe against the virus - it's the body openings that need protection, so without a breathing mask, he's not any safer...

Asudem Latex said...

not wedge! but maybe we need to start a petition.

also want to try and get an chinese zentai suit maker to remake the Mugler Gyniod


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