Friday, September 11, 2020

last seen in Game of Thrones... sadly passed but inspired fetishes in so many

 i think its good ps fake. while the bellow episode did stick in my mind, it was the one about weather weapon and too much rain that showed off old school rubber rain suit and boots.

what was your favorite Peel moment?


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BRubberV8 said...

Yes, quite sad to hear the wonderful Emma Peel had passed. Ironically I just met her for the first a couple years ago when she performed at Lincoln Center in My Fair Lady. That play wasn't quite my deal, but I did hang around the stage door one night. I mean, it's Emma Peel, how could I not seize the chance? She was quite gracious. Largely pre-internet, The Avengers reruns, which would air during the mid-90's on Saturday's like 2AM or some crazy time, was often the only fetishy imagery I could see each week. Despite the show being 30 years old at the time, Ms. Rigg's hairstyle was sort of back in style by this point, so beyond the episodes that were in black and white, it felt quite contemporary.