Saturday, April 16, 2011

more metal shoes

World's most expensive shoes worth £140,000 go on display

This is the most expensive pair of shoes in the world - setting fashion lovers back a staggering £140,000.

The design is made entirely from solid gold and more than 2,000 diamonds.

But buyers have been reluctant to step forward and take the title of the most well-heeled human in history.

And you thought Louboutins were expensive? Each pair of The House of Borgezie shoes is handcrafted from solid gold and then encrusted with 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds, totalling 30 carats

Because despite being on sale for more than five months not a single pair have been snapped up.

They are the brainchild of British jewellery designer Christopher Michael Shellis, who has stuck the boot into Louboutins with his daringly pricey design.

He said: 'At the moment there have been a lot of enquiries and talks - but nothing concrete just yet. 'The shoes have created a real buzz, but there is still a long way to go. We've had discussions with certain people but I can't say who.'

To help shift the House of Borgezie created shoes, then how about the equally as luxury accessories to make the perfect match.

full story here in todays Daily Mail newspaper

actually i prefer the purple steel lockable ones myself. wouldn't you need a minion to follow you around picking up loose diamonds too? i'm not much of a gold fan anyway.


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alphaxanon said...

enh. I'd rather have a pair of Louboutins or, like you, the purple lockables!