Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Suit - captioned photo

Just take it easy, your body has undergone some wonderful changes,

But what has happened to me, why do i feel so different and... smaller???

This special latex catsuit I gave you has changed you from a woman into a fully functional doll both inside and out. Look even you hair is now yellow nylon and reaches all the way down your back.

Changed, I don't want to be a doll!! although it feels yummy to have larger breasts and rounder bum. My waist is narrow and flat too.

You know when I said this latex suit will make you a better lover in bed, well thats what its done! Its absorbed into you, consumed you in the process reshaping you. The suit uses your body as raw material for the changes it makes to you. Nothing is lost, simply moved around and greatly improved. Some of your ribs will be dissolved as well as other parts as it does its thing. Don't worry your overall height will be the same in the end as your heels grow out to 5.5 inches.

Of course you' ll be a better lover for Me. Its what I want in my lover. If you were ever take the suit off assuming that was possible you'd simply become solid latex and utterly silent - which I may also really like...


Pepperfly_dreams said...

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Frank Lord said...

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