Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Barbie Mask found Once upon a Time

aaaahhh ebay.... don't you just love it? Full of wonderfull things and possibilities. Maybe you'll be more convinced knowing that the Barbie Mask was found on it sometime last year.

Not too sure when it was listed, how much it went for or even who sold it. Was there more than one or was it a one off? We may never know.

But just seeing the images, and now knowing the mask is possible makes my heart grow warm and my kinky fantasies kick into gear.



kristin said...

I have one from Ebay. It was $150.00,I think. VERY thick, but cute. I saw about 10 of them, it was call the "not Britney" mask.

Asudem Latex said...

can you tell us who the seller was and when you got it? Would like to contact him/her about more etc.



WinterRose said...

You folks may want to see this. Realdoll quality realistic masks...

conscious_object said...

Wow, that's craziness. Would be so fun to try on a mask that looks *that* doll-like...even more fun if it were one of the "movie makeup" sorts, where it's actually attached to your face (moves with your mouth, etc.).

This is an awesome blog, btw...just came across it recently. This is very much the sort of thing I was once contemplating doing with my own blog, but I haven't been doing the greatest job keeping up with it. You can check it out here, if you want:

JL said...

I have one I believe the seller was "augielman"??? A guy from Los Angeles area. Cost $199.95, that was the starting bid, when they first popped up he was getting up to $300 by auction end. The one in the picture is the one I have, and actually it is not the same as his "Not Britney" mask which is a bit less cartoonish than this one, which I believe he called "A Real Doll". "Not Britney" was first sold with molded hair, then without, and last year at some point he released a "not britney" in a half-head mask for 60-80 bucks starting price. The doll mask seen here was also made in a Betty Page look for awhile.

Seller has some amusing tongue in cheek commentary in his listings, including calling himself "another Vandelay industries product" (Seinfeld fans will recognize the reference) and "I want to be your latex man" and says his masks come with holes for "such mundane tasks as seeing, and breathing".... funny guy! I think his molds for the masks may have been wearing out and he was unable to make more? Periodic searches under "female mask" he pops in a few once in awhile.
If you search ebay under cosmetology heads, or mannequin heads, you will see a fascinating collection of heavy rubber heads with real impregnated hair. They are used in beauty schools. Alas, they are all quite small, save one. Pivot Point made one that is nearly adult size, my head is rather small at about 21" circ., the "mannequin mask" is about 20", cut and grommeted with laces it provides for an uncomfortable encasement to say the least but is something too tempting for me to not try once.
All others are ridiculously small.
The female masking site has links to many sources, including the photogenic doll masks,which are just amazing. $900 is worth it if you have the means, I suppose.

Rik said...

I LOVE that dolly look. so plastic and special. A previous sub pet of Mine would dress, make-up and present herself as a dolly for Me. I wish I could have found a doll head then. Even better would be if I only knew a girl/woman as a doll *smile*

Anonymous said...

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