Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Large Stash of Dita's

found the original source of the Dita Von Tease aka Mrs Marilyn Manson. Seems she makes an excellent doll, don't you all agree. The suit does look abit loose in places. If it was me I'd want it in latex or something so tight I could barely move...


btw - you will need to join Doll Suit Wearers to look at the photos.



urif said...

the suit was made out of something similar ot leather or leatherish feel. she was quite claustrophobic in there (at least this is what she wrote on her site when she posted the pics in there), the only openings where tiny holes for the eyes and nose.
i personally thing she looked amazing and it's a rather impressive suit, in spite of the loose parts, won't you agree?

Asudem Latex said...

Oh the look is amazing, and would love to try on the suit myself, but for me the wrinkles kinda detract from the overall shot.