Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some would call this all deviant....

ok, its my fetish and I like it....

...but some out there may just think it's deviant. I think the GAP, Starbucks and War are deviant - but that's just me.

so I had a look at


and found alot of artwork and photo's of dolls of various sorts. Some very pretty, some sexy, others scarey and alot that were just utter crap.

none the less there are some gems in there so go have a look and do a search for 'Doll' or 'Dolls' and when you notice its in the thousands add extra terms like plastic.

images above are:

Salandre_doll by salandre
porcelain_doll by BlueBlack
Plastic by 7pixels



Oneeyedjack said...

I love that last one. One of my favorite "doll artists" is Trevor Brown. Check out his site here: http://www.pileup.com/babyart/

urif said...

well, it's my fetish as well asn i too love it.
i've been a subscriber at deviantart for a long time and you can see almost every day someone posting doll/mask/encased related art. it's good in a way that in a place so open people can express their fetishes.
great blog, love it!