Thursday, December 24, 2009

any UK readers can record and upload?

just spotted this entry on Conscious Object's livejournal saying that;

Neil Gaiman has a new short film called Statuesque that will be airing on Christmas Day at 10pm on Sky 1 (if that makes sense to you...our channel names are very different in the US). It appears to star his girlfriend Amanda Palmer as a living statue street performer, perhaps based on her real experiences doing just that before she did Dresden Dolls.

so does anyone get Sky 1 (which apparently is a satellite only channel in the UK and can probably be received in Europe too - and can record it to some sort of upload-able compressed format? i know that will generate a download code that can be used 100 times...

a bit more information on the short film here.



Anonymous said...

If it is Sky then it is unlikely that anyone outside the UK will be able to decode the transmission. The reason being that in order to view Sky Programs, one requires a Sky receiver. This is only sold to UK addresses and must be connected to a phone line so that Sky can control what you see!

K-8 (conscious_object) said...

They're trying to get back at us for Hulu not being viewable in the UK!

Anonymous said...

Sky is owned by the same company as Hulu... they're just being consistent.