Thursday, December 24, 2009

dipped in latex

you would probably look like this.

something else for my to do list. however from my limited experience with liquid latex its fun to put on but the results are worse than any cheap molded latex.

maybe the formula and thickness needs to be improved.



Anonymous said...

I have experimented a little with liquid latex, and it seems it needs to be polished to a) get the shine and b) lose the stickiness.

Anonymous said...

The idea of wearing a second skin is quite different than painting one on your own skin even it might look quite similar in the end.

I'd bet that many who like the feel of wearing a latex garment, tight etc. would not be interested in being painted with latex. However to see a laexed person might appeal to them visually.

Anonymous said...

Liquid Latex needs to be put on thick and in multiple layers the person being painted needs to remain absolutly still as a maniquin until each layer dries or it will crease and wrinkle at the joints, especialy during the first two coatsafter painting the model should be polished up before moving so that the latex dosen;t stick to itself and tear