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we need more doll stories

the thing that really helped verbalize my latex, mannequin and doll fetishes was finding Robot Dolls ASFR site a long long time ago. there were a few stories there that just hit a spot i didn't really realize i had and well i've been exploring and embracing it all ever since then.

the good news is Robot Doll is back with a Live Journal Site and the bad news is that Legacy of Timeless Beauty hasn't been updated since the end of october!

so being the proactive person i am trying to do something about it. i now have interest and a donated latex military dress from Slinky Skin as a prize to a latex doll fetish story competition which i'll formally organise in the new year. i've also been promised some latex like leggings from a certain UK photographer who stocked up on them when they first came to market - worried that they'd disappear. looks like he was really wrong now doesn't it? our gain assuming he doesn't decide to give them out as Christmas presents (i'm a medium - hint ;-) )

(saying that they only seem to be selling strong in EU/UK as bug pointed out here and i've spotted on line retailers doing massive clear outs as mentioned elsewhere)

are there any more latex designers or stores out there that want to contribute to the prize(s)? it doesn't even have to be latex if it comes down to it. just something to encourage people to write new fiction. if you are reading this just send me an email.

so back to fiction; i find it much more inspiring and well enveloping than looking at photo's. yes Bianca Beauchamp is very pretty and wears latex very well but i'd prefer to hang out in borders and tease through issues of european fashion magazines to see how kink is filtering through and stylised in gorgeous fashion spreads.

i'm not a great fiction writer so i don't sit down to do it very often. last month before i got stupidly busy with work and slowed down on the blog and skipped out of Second Life, i did join the yahoo group; Women Only Adventures In Bondage and here for you - without any spelling or grammar checks is my introduction to the roll play world. i must admit its in part inspired by the last part of Nano's Slavers The Dreamer’s Masque.

where am i? what am i wearing?

the last thing i could remember was a visit the a well hidden fetish shop in germany. i had finally had enough time off and europe was the place to go to feed my latex fetish. i was a latex addict through and through. there was no way to deny it even if i kept it mostly hidden. i wear it constantly at home and even manage shopping and weekend trips in at least one basic element in my wardrobe.

the last few years my own training in latex has increased to such a point that i could burn all my normal clothes if i had the guts to do it. living on the east coast wasn't as liberal as they all they think they are. so i manage to freelance in marketing from my studio home office while head to toe in my latex. if the clients only knew... (giggles)

my diligent training was to increase the amount of latex worn and lived in till that’s all the clothes i would own. heels were of course another fixation and in 5"s all the time i was just waiting for tendons to shrink and i would be trapped in nothing else.

a big client had part paid for the trip and found the shop on the web that involved a 20 min taxi ride from the center of the city. i had no idea where i was or spoke the language beyond a few hello's and thank you's.

the chrome door of the store open and was greeted by a cut goth girl in a lot of pvc and piercings. the store was huge compared to the fetish shops in nyc. i was awestruck at not just the designs of the latex but the kinky vignettes the dozen mannequins were posed in. i declined an offer of help but took her up on a black cherry tea. sipping it slowly i wander amongst them almost jealous of their positioning, their level of servitude to each other an their eternal beauty. of course wearing such expensive latex too!

i had mapped out various stages for myself and the first one was almost complete. the next two required a lot more from me, and also someone else... somewhere else... not in the public light of day-to-day work.

there was a stunning and yet severe looking mannequin with arched eyebrows and fine billowy white latex blouse with black jodhpurs and high-heeled boots. omega! she was almost from a dream. i was transfixed. i wanted to touch her to see if she was real. more than that, much more.

looking furtively around the goth girl was well hidden around the corner, i did something i'd never done. i fell to my knees, looked up adoringly then down at her patent leather clad toes and kissed them slowly and sensually. i needed to know what it was really like.

i drifted lost in a moment, lost in time.

i was jolted out of my dream state by the goth girl going 'uh-huh' all to knowingly with a cheshire cat grin on her face.

'would u like to join her?'

looking confused and blushing profusely and nervous i asked how so? (did she know my desires, my addiction, visited by blog - she must have figured it out. damn cookies)

'oh we need a photo of her and another mannequin for our site and as the shipment has been delayed and well you pose so well. how about it? i'll offer you this HW clear faced hood all the fetish models wear as payment and you can wear an of the rack black catsuit - here'.

oooohhh.... i said loudly and slightly relieved. those masks cost a lot and the make the models all look the same so why not? no one would ever be able to tell.

she led me to get changed and helped me get changed. she smiled to herself when she found i was wearing real latex leggings under my loose slacks as well as a latex bra. stripped down to nothing i was in heaven putting on the thinnest latex catsuit i've ever tried. then came the hood which she deftly zipped in up from the back. then there was a click i didn't recognize but i was too distracted as her delicate hands firmly roamed over my new slick black skin polishing it to mirror shine.

she led me over to a full-length mirror and i stared open mouth in wonder at this rubber object that reflected back at me. OMG i so need this catsuit!!!

'you can have a discount after the photo and wear it all the time, no?' i nodded happily as she led me over to the riding mistress mannequin by one hand. i looked around in wonder at how i looked in the mirrors, as if a mannequin had come to life.

positioning me directly in front of the stunning dome mannequin, she circled around me whispering under her breath as i stood entranced. the goth girl continued her barely audible poetry like phrases as she positioned me ever so carefully, adjusting me here and there, asking me to not to move and let her do all the moving. her roving hands felt so good on the new catsuit i was slipping into a space where the riding mistress and i were all that existed.

she played with my nipples straining through the thin latex. i didn't move.

she went further played with my pussy through the thin latex. i didn't move.

'perfect' she purred in my ear. then quietly she asked 'will you submit?' here eyes sparkled with anticipation of the answer she knew would come.

half awake, half asleep with heat pulsing and burning between my legs i let out a soft 'yes...'

she touched me on the shoulder like a hypnotist act; a slight push downward and i was somehow on my knees and paying tribute to the mannequin.

a strong flash and then blackness.

i couldn't move. i was upright and frozen. dazed the cobwebs cleared from my mind and my heavy lids parted to take in the room i was in.

it was stacked with sealed white crates. a few were empty with packing white foam spilling forth and a human shaped - woman shaped - recession in the back with loose latex hanging down one side.

i'm in a crate i thought to myself. one just like those. where am i?

i could feel impossibly tight latex all over me - far tighter that the lovely catsuit i wore at the german shop. mmmmm... i wanted to saver the sensation but part of me wanted out immediately and was terrified. another deeper part that had been slowly rising in my mind was just soaking up the sheer helplessness.

i was in a crate like those around me, sealed like a doll in a latex vacbed. no way to even move a millimeter. i must be still be in that perfect sheer latex catsuit, the hood too. its soo good tho... a fantasy pulled from my dirty mind and i was living it. and that click? was it a lock? was i already locked into the hood and catstuit?

how did she do it? was it the tea? was it the strange barely heard poetry - some sort of hypnosis? how could i submit oh so easily? she must have had me pegged from the start. they knew who i was and what i truly wanted - to be taken and made into an idealized latex doll a doll for a mistress.

still bound in the case she was trapped in she wondered where she was? a shipping room of some sort obviously, however the walls were large and ancient stones? a castle perhaps?

it dawned on her she wasn't in the shop anymore. somewhere distant and cold.

she struggled against the vacbed utter embrace - no escape was possible no matter how hard she tried.

terrified and yet something deep in her wished for just this. maybe she should of been less specific in her postings on her blog.

and no one knew exactly where she was last as she'd never share with her work colleagues her latex fetish.

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