Friday, December 18, 2009

back down

i have been pretty busy with work for the last few weeks, just when i think i'm on top of it all something else appears that just needs to be done asap. so i do it asap and everything else shifts back. (sigh)

so at least now i think i'm on top of it all and work will be slow over the xmas period with no meetings or anything to remove me from my latex lair and snuggling under my black latex duvet.

some bad news is i did something to my right foot which feels like a thumb tack stuck in front sole directly down from my big toe. its healing and i'm now back down to my lower heel KR melissa heel. missed those as i love the look and the plastic feel on my feet.

now would Melissa please make something like these in their environmently friendly plastic and make sure they're shiny.

oh and i forgot to mention its now been a full four years i've been doing the blog with 1523 posts and a full year since i started to sleep in latex.



SanderO said...

You might have developed a morton's neuroma which is an inflamed nerve usually between the big toe and second toe. It feels as if you are walking on a marble.

It comes and goes and can be treated, they say.

Anonymous said...

That's an attractive boot... who does it?