Wednesday, February 27, 2008

conscious object's video channel

i was directed over to conscious object's livejournal after a tip off by email about one of the entries and realised that i hadn't visited for a long time and that she had been amazingly busy with sourcing and posting interesting videos. this includes the behind the scene making of the video where the mannequins in wedding dresses break out of the window display.

you can either pop over to her journal and have a look too or go direct to her own channel at youtube here.

bellow is one of the recent music videos that looks like it was pulled directly from many realms Legacy of Timeless Beauty. wish they'd had less of the band and more of the process in it. still it's so spot on that you wonder the director or the someone even in the band is reader of this particular genre we're all fans of. if you are its ok, feel free to email me or post comments ;-)

now i wanted to keep the video and others so i had another look around and found a little application that plays back saved FLV videos really well. you can scale it too so it takes up more screen space. its the wimpy standalone FLV Player and it can be downloaded for free from here.

another option which is in the long run much better is a site called which while it has desktop little apps its really all done online. all you do is simply paste the youtube link into it, cross your fingers and pick your output format. then after a fair while - for me anyway - it will offer a converted file to download which is the same youtube video but in a much more usable format for an ipod, divX player etc. i have tried it once and the result was very much better than the direct FLV player.

so here's pet project for someone... make a collection from youtube of all the good clips / music etc related to our rather niche little fetish and save them as AVI's that can then be made into a DVD. or if thats all too much work, then consider the comments for this post for youtube links to start us all off.



Anonymous said...

for a video player for stuff downloaded from net 8such as .flv files) I suggest VLC It has its own internal codecs, and so far i haven't found videofile it can't play.

jeandoll said...

since I regulary watch your blog decited to stop being just "anynomous"
as for video itself, its just another boring nu-metal band trying to get some fame with "rad" music video

Anonymous said...

I congratulate, your idea is useful

Anonymous said...

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