Wednesday, February 27, 2008

in the pink and further along

as i probably said already i'm now in an earlier blog entry, i am swapping between my light pink latex tights and my black skinny jeans for my new years resolution - which is to be half latex all the time from now on. with the tights i've been wearing a skirt over them when at home and otherwise they're hidden by a slacks when at work.

when i get home i immediately put on my chocolate brown latex top and thats how i'll stay till bedtime. not half but pretty well head to toe latex. and you know what? its not hard. really - when i'm home from morning meetings (i freelance and not thankfully in an office all day) i just need to put on the top and its like 'aaaahhh' back to being latex.

its all pretty odd behavior if you look at it from the outside as a suburban GAP wearer but for a wannabe latex doll then its a good sign and a definite step which i don't plan to ever go back on.

so closing on 2 months now and i've stuck to my new years resolution of 1/2 latex all the time and closing in on full latex of sorts the other half of the day. of course it varies based on work loads, client meetings etc but i'm also now making an effort to keep it all on and more importantly visible on the weekends when grocery shopping and whatnot.

sadly i am really getting tired of this top and so my next order of latex has been placed and is being made up. it will include a pair of jodpurs, a pink semi transparent blouse and also a loose, sort of EGL-ish black dress. i just have to wait for it to all arrive. i think the dress will be good as it will work well with my black libidex tights made from ultra thin latex (which reminds me of another entry on latex styles and weights), the light pink pair and the long gloves which i had to send back to the ebay seller as they were way too tight.

all this progress is great and i feel i've made real progress i could barely imagine last year. however i think wearing the pink tights looses its impact by keeping them under a long or even knee length skirt. so to that end i've started to wear them by them selves when at home - like leggings with just the brown top. they're thick enough not to rip unlike the lovely black libidex ones. this way when i see myself in them its a positive re-enforcement of not only the transmutation of myself into latex but as importantly i look down and see dolls legs, hips and waist..



Anonymous said...

oh what a rubber inspiration you are Asudem! The one and only real life latex doll!
Little words for to comment...
but know you are well supported in your endevours. WE find your post in glee.


WinterRose said...

I am SO happy for you. I really am. You have all my compliments and hopes for your transformation.

Just remember to be safe. I don't want to hear that someone saw you in Latex and took it to mean that you were 'asking for it' as it were.

I love that you seem to have taken up residence at our store too. One could not have better. I wish we had something for you to model, but your doll outfit is quite good enough for my tastes.

Hope this finds you well...


SanderO said...

That's very good. You seem to be very focused and patient. I would love to see the finished product in a few years perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever gone out in just the tights and the latex shirt? If so what was the reaction and if not are you slowly building up to that?

All the best...