Monday, February 04, 2008

photographic tips for the non-camera shy

i spotted this book as and advert on F&ART and seemed to think its appropriate to post. maybe i should get it and a digital camera with a timer?

Book Description

Shoot yourself: Sexy self-portraits by everyday women Inspired by a babysitter he surprised in front of the bathroom mirror shooting pictures of herself with his Polaroid, photographer Uwe Ommer decided to put together a book of erotic self-portraits by inexperienced photographers. Arming participants with cameras and basic technical instructions, Ommer asked them to photograph themselves in any way they pleased?liberated, so to speak, from the voyeuristic eye of the photographer. Some chose to use mirrors as they captured their portraits, while others braved the camera without the help of their reflections.

While many subjects required no intervention by Ommer, for others he acted as ?ghost photographer, ? helping them with the lighting and setup; in both cases, the models were free to indulge their inspirations in any ways they pleased?from sexy and provocative to romantic to simply being themselves. The cast of self-portraitists includes a wide range of personalities, from students to artists, actors, stylists, dancers, models, musicians, teachers, and more. This highly original book gives us a rare glimpse at the way everyday women see themselves?or wish they did.

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i wonder if there will ever be a myspace, facebook or second life editions?


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