Monday, February 04, 2008

german designer goes fetish

as much as i am addicted to latex for just being latex and what it does to me - in so many different ways - i'm also really fascinated by how its taken up and experimented with by non fetish designers. generally the photography is much more innovative and the designs more daring. most people won't argue that there's just too much black latex in the 'scene' and really how many latex catsuits in black can you own? two would be one too many.

so on a weekend visit too F&art i saw her entry announcing the new Marcel Ostertag collection and then her report of getting to see it live during berlin fashion week. yes there was a cross over with basic black and colored shinyness.

i did notice that some of the shoe close-ups she captured are my own oxford styled high heels which i still really can't walk in. but at least i now know i'm sitting somewhere on the edge of fetish and fashion once i manage something besides an uneasy shuffle in them.

check out the F&ART blog and the designers homepage for more imagery.

now that you've clicked over to the designers homepage and looked at spring summer 2008 collection, is it just me or does the model just not look right? as if her body size is like a doll version of herself? still i do like the latex-ish dress on the right side of page 10 - very EGL. 



Roen said...

Her body looking out of proportion could be caused by the oversized look of the heels. Lovely images none the less.

mahret said...

hm maybe you are right with the model. But I love the fashion at the fetish border. Especially the shoes he used in his current collection. I want a pair of HIGH heeled oxfords aswell, PLEASE...

Asudem Latex said...

mine came from ebay - think they were pleaser or one of those far east/chinese fetishy shoes companies.

it takes a bit of time to break those shoes in compared to mainstream brands, but then who else does 5's heels and higher?

i had a quick look on ebay and i couldn't see them. so best tor try some of the fetish shoe shops online that specialise in higher heels and stock pleaser


Asudem Latex said...

found the ebay store for the oxfords: