Monday, February 18, 2008

frozen in Grand Central

for all you freeze fans.....



moylan said...

wow, so simple and yet so freaky for anybody who didn't know what was going on.

Danny Mew said...

Stunning. =)
I'm always wondering how people can accomplish that. If I try to freeze or even hold still for a while my body will trembling nonetheless and I'll get little twitches every now and then.
I can see it's lot of pratice, but what's the quintessence? Do you have to switch to a special condition or is it just relaxing or...?

Anonymous said...

It's mostly done with a freeze frame image merged with a moving one I suspect. Cinema tricks mostly with one or two stiff people who do get "poked".

Catman said...

You so stole that from Conscious Object, who got the video link from me, so I guess I have indirectly posted content to your blog! I hit the big time!

Anonymous said...

its not done with a freze camera. its
very artfull co-operation.
3 chairs to those freezers!! tis cool