Wednesday, March 03, 2010

latex is so in daaaaarling...

according the the UK press. thanks to Will for sending the link to me and for a few others who followed on.

Must have fabric? Ladies, it's latex
Jasmine Gardner Jasmine Gardner

Let's play word association. If I say: “latex”, what would you say? “Fetish” or “S&M”?

Wrong answer. Try: “couture” or even “Topshop”, because now there's nothing seedy about latex and, in fact, thanks to a slew of celebrities such as models Heidi Klum and Kelly Brook, singer Katherine Jenkins and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger deciding to swaddle themselves in the rubber stuff and a host of designers sending latex down the catwalks, it is suddenly the latest celebrity trend — and has even hit the high street, thanks to Topshop, which has included five latex items in its high fashion “Unique” line. (There's a pencil skirt and leggings, each £130; cycling shorts, £110; a bandeau top, £80, and hair bobbles, £3 — in case you fancy adding rubber to your wardrobe.)

the story continues here


now i guess that would make me a super trendy wouldn't it? who would of thought it? wonder if plushies are next as fake fur technology material advances?

there's also a report on a UK television news program here for those who are in the UK and can see it, otherwise this direct link should be fine for the rest of the world.

actually i thought the green military top on the presenter looked rather good, baring his funny walk away from the shop that does suggestively look like he indulged in some other item...


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