Tuesday, March 30, 2010

less expensive than latex

one complaint i hear a lot in world (thats Second Life for those who aren't in world) is the cost of latex in the real world. they love the look of in world but its big step from buying 2$ worth of virtual latex to more than an hundred from an online shop or even in an actual store.

a suggestion i make pretty often is - have they tried latex like leggings or if more into dolling then try a zentai suit. they come in different cuts and styles as well as materials.

here's a lovely one in a light pink semi transparent stretchy material.

and don't be afraid to ask for customizations - like zips ands and no hoods. there's rarely any extra charges. do shop around as different sellers are priced all over the place. as they say 'what the market' will bare. also they're cheap enough you can take sharpies too them and totally doll them up. more fun if your in it and someone else adds all those details too you..

also i've not looked into it but apparently you can take your SL Linden$ out of the world and spend it on real things. one day a a keen latex designer or even shop will realize that there's all these people loving virtual latex and yet the only real latex they've ever tried is a surgical glove (that might be entirely another fetish however) and that its a vast potential market..



Anonymous said...

Made to measure in shiny stretch PVC or metallic fabric:

http://www.skintight-shop.de/s01.php?shopid=s01&cur=eur&sp=de&ag=4&pp=sucheaug&aug=52&augn=Catsuits&eb3=66&eb3n=Stretchlack Colours&leg=1


Anonymous said...

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