Wednesday, March 17, 2010

now with added photos!

long time fetish writer BradP is back in action at the The Doll Collective . it seems he's gotten over his writing block with aid of a cascade of photo's provided by Erin_G that have inspired him to start writing again.

here's a couple of shorter captioned sequences:

of course as always click on the images to see them at full resolution - otherwise it will be very hard to read the text.

my favorite so far is a series of 4 images which were only recently added. you'll have to join the The Doll Collective yahoo group to see them. please do make sure you leave positive feedback - it takes a few mins and its what keeps us creative types and bloggers going.

he explained:

"I do have enough pics and rough-draft ideas to keep me going every Monday on this for the next four weeks at least, just with the pics Erin has sent me, and what the DollCollective has now. I presume that Erin has more pictures--she says she's a fiend about this stuff, and has a backlog of thousands more pics where those came from.

So I don't think "every Monday for the foreseeable future" is too bold a guess. ^__^ I like doing this.
And thanks for the positive feedback, I do appreciate it."

so another site that will get updated regularly. mondays just got a bit better ;-)



Anonymous said...

i surely adore your own posting type, very remarkable.
don't quit as well as keep creating due to the fact it simply just truly worth to read it.
impatient to look into a whole lot more of your articles, have a good one ;)

Anonymous said...

Just FYI--

There's a new 8-part caption series at the Doll Collective group I posted just today.

It's the first of three stories I've conceived under one title.

I hope this stuff is fun for the members and readers at the Collective. ^__^

Bradley Poe

dapi said...


It's good to see you back writing. It's been too long.

Anonymous said...

to Edo above me,

Yeah, it has been too long. I really think the biggest thing was just the blank page itself--not having *anything* to respond to.

Having the pictures to go by seems to snap me out of that. Even if they are ordinary and non-photoshopped.

Go figure. If I had known captions were so easy in Paint sooner.....but yeah.

I do appreciate your feedback and interest. Good to see you again, and I'm glad I could save you from becoming the Bunny Man, Edo.

Thanks again,

Bradley Poe