Saturday, March 13, 2010

the mad scientist's corner...

a photograph from another 'art' series which fits all to well into the doll fetish and transformation mythos. wow - i've must have been caught up with my sleep at last to use such complex words and concepts ;-)

thanks to Xetal for the find. strangely i had actually seen them before but didn't know the whole story as they looked like paper mache sculptures coated with way too much paint. in fact there's models under all there.

the complete series can be found here.

it looks like the in between stage where the mad scientist / doll maker has frozen the subject and applied the nanobot or magical paint. as it slowly dries into the subject it plastifies - replacing the persons skin, making them a doll.


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Dosman! said...

Wow, there are tons of these on Google Images.
Thanks for this great find!