Saturday, May 09, 2009

everything you wanted to know about ...

...Virtual Hypnotist but didn't know who to ask can now be found in Thrall's series of entries VH 101 to VH 105. it starts on her blog here.

seems she's making amazing progress and is well on her way to being her own proper robot drone along with other self improvement enhancements... she's even posted some photo's of her mezmerized self in the last entry and shared the VH scripts for Silver Robot in both female and male versions which you can download directly from her blog and installed with Virtual Hypnotist which is free btw.

if like me you have a mac and don't know what its like then have a look at this rather technical video review posted on youtube:

seeing how well it works with her critical mind makes it ever tempting to try on a friends PC or maybe if it works too well thats not a really good idea now is it?


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