Saturday, May 09, 2009

if you're her exact size ....

then check out this model's listing of the famous Fantastic Rubber Mannequin Catsuit. in fact this appears to be the prototype of the suit. (which i still have to write up a long first person experience with - sorry)

now your going to be her size or a bit smaller as she's 165cm high and 78-62-78. note these are CM measurements and not imperial english units.

she wrote;

"The reason why the suit is sold, which he sent me (now) a kick is too small and the pictures are also not too often do in such a suit. Otherwise, the suit was dressed only once and has no damage! These Boots are still a slip of the step concealed zipper. For someone the size fits a unique opportunity! The suit has been washed and oiled!"

i think thats a bad translation in places and that is lubed as oil should never be let near latex as it will corrode it.

auction ends 13.05.09 at 22:00:00 German time. there's already 1776 hits on the listing and its only reached 150 euro's so far.

of course you can skip the entire auction and just buy one directly from Fantastic Rubber. it will fit you like no other catsuit you've owned and you won't want out of it. trust me ;-) also do mention you know about the mannequin suit from this blog so they can track where sales come from.



Anonymous said...



The only thing the model needs is a pair of matching gloves and a full face hood something like this:

or this:

BTW, how many times have you worn your mannequin suit Asudem?

Anonymous said...

True, very impressive. Even more so given the fact that she's one of those very rare women who actually ARE about the same dimensions as a mannequin (which, of course, are traditionally designed to meet an almost unachievable and abstract ideal of body size).

She's actually about the first fetishist I've ever seen that, with the right outfit (which she almost has with this one) could _literally_ pass as a mannequin like in the various stories.

Say, speaking of stories, there was one mannequin-related one I was thinking about the other day. Unfortunately, I don't recall the name or author, so maybe someone here might recognize it or point me to it's location? it's a story that revolves around a young woman who works at a department store, and whose husband/boyfriend/whatever sets it up so that she masquerades a pantyhose form for a week or so while "on vacation." He has this elaborate case built for her to lay in with her legs and hips pointing up out of, which he then paints with latex/shellacs/etc. to rigidity. while she's in there. Sound familiar to anyone?

Steve M

Throughfare said...

Heh, heh,

Somebody should have done a bit of research before bidding

The auction has closed now- and they paid 378 Euros for the suit.

Peter & Waltraut sell the suit for 240 Euros on their Fantasic Rubber website

Asudem Latex said...

maybe they're looking to clone her!


Anonymous said...

I can't find a link to the mannequin suit on Fantastic Rubber. I know it's something totally obvious, but still, help me?