Friday, May 08, 2009

squelch... squelch... squelch....

oh no! well best i found out sooner than later.

i wore my latex tights from Libidex under my work slacks to get used to wearing them on a regular basis out of my apartment and well it didn't go too well.

it wasn't that anyone noticed in anyway its just by the time i was crossing a parking lot mid day i noticed i had started to gather a puddle in each foot. it was a nice day and not too hot. apparently hot enough to start sweating inside the tights.

from around noon onwards i was making a squelch sound with each stride. thankfully after one more post lunch meeting which didn't involve any walking i scurried back home praying no one could hear it.

i don't remember having that problem with latex leggings.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps get someone to install some reinforced holes in the sole? I'm pretty sure that all that needs to be done is to glue another reinforcing layer over the bottom of the sole and then use a punch to make a couple of holes.

Anonymous said...

I wear cling film tights under sheer to waist black tights to my office most days.

They can get sweaty but I ignore that becasue they feel wonderful on my legs as the plastic is so thin.

Of course I wear my cling film tights under my trousers or a long skirt with boots.