Monday, May 04, 2009

retro-tastic rubber

i was looking through my list of old bookmarks and happened to find the geocities RubberMac homepage. its really old in web years and geocities is about to collapse so best get a look at it before it evaporates into nothingness.

i have been considering my future latex purchases and some sort of latex raincoat or 'mac' as they're also known has a real calling to me. the black PVC ones are coming back so i think i'll start saving for a decent one in the fall.

for a more up to date, yet not very regular look at the subject then have a peek at 3xl's spin off site fetish rainwear.

i also like to check out the older 60's and 70's styles wether they were casual or 'futuristic' and too that end i was inspired by 3xl's scans of the Canadian latex manufacturer Inn Skin (written up here) to get my former sponsor Fantastic Rubber to kindly make me a pair of pearlsheen purple super wide leg slacks as illustrated in the bottom right of the Inn Skin catalog.

Fantastic Rubber do mainly concentrate on a core designs of catsuits, corsets and leggings but will undertake other orders although it may take longer.


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Anonymous said...

what happened with your sponsor Fanastic rubber ? That's too would have been great advertising for them.