Friday, May 15, 2009

worth more model worn

the auction has now ended for the mannequin catsuit and the results are very interesting... it sold for way more than an actual suit would of cost from Fantastic Rubber. a new custom fit one costs 280 euro's and it sold for a staggering 378 euros!!!

thats pretty insane consider Fantastic Rubber makes each one of these outfits made to measure and will only really fit the person its made for. maybe she has a twin sister who secretly has a latex or mannequin fetish?

thanks to a UK reader who didn't actually bid for these new photo's (click to enlarge). the model / seller was happy to provide more shots and at a better resolution to help the sale. though i think my entry for it went some way to sell it.
if you want a latex mannequin suit either with the hood / neck entry or face entry that requires two people then do head to to Fantastic Rubber and order one from them and don't forget to mention your a reader here. the full price just confirmed by the helpful Peter at FR is 280 Euro for the catsuit + slip 25,- Euro + socks 25,- Euro = total 330.



Anonymous said...

Great larger pics!

I would have thought that the model would have done a photoshoot with a matching hood and gloves to be a perfectly seamless plastic doll. But now she has sold her suit it looks like that won't happen :(

Dosman! said...

Thank you for continuing to bring us news and images about exciting costume!

pyewacket said...

asudem -i sent you a link about a sci fi book to your email. apon reading the book i found it has..not much to do with 'dolls' as we talk about here. They use the term to name the genetically engineered creatures they make.. no need to run out and buy the book!