Monday, May 04, 2009

new skirts for me

my latex wardrobe is getting larger and larger as the months go by. i'm averaging a purchase a month and at this rate i'll need to get a much large set of drawers or even consider dedicating a closet to it all. i think i need more latex tops from now on.

the latest buys is a heavy weight pleated long latex skirt in black from Elenas Latex. one note when ordering is to check to see if the item is stitched - something i hadn't even considered as so few designers stitch latex. why you ask? simple - if something is stitched it then has no real stretch at the stitched part.

so i put up my hand, bow my head and plead guilty for being a bit conservative on my waist measurement and ended up with a skirt thats also now acting as a corset. well i deserve it and it makes me do more exercise.

the second skirt was on sale on the Skin Two Clothing site and is just a basic light pink pencil style. pull on and pull off and fits perfectly without any need for a diet or exercise. think i'll need on in black too, possibly in a heavier latex but that wasn't on sale.


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