Thursday, November 05, 2009

dancing banes in the UK?

i've not really looked into this due to my current workload so opening it up to any UK readers who can explain more about this photo.

its from some talent show and in the back it seems to have 'Evil Dolly's' Thralls dancing to clones in red patent jackets.

is there a video of this on youtube anywhere?



Anonymous said...

Those are twins John and Edward from the brit singing competition show "the X factor." Pop Idol wasn't as big a hit in the UK as the US, so Simon Cowell replaced it with this show. He is a judge on it as well. You can read more about this particular performance here:

Anonymous said...

And the youtube video is at

But note the singing is TERRIBLE...

Asudem Latex said...

wow - they are truely awful aren't they?

i made the post not about them but the utter 'Bane' look to the dancers in the back.


Throughfare said...

Here're a couple of other links to the X-Factor segment:


Both can be switched to HQ resolution so you can see the dancers' suits better: The girl dancers are wearing skin-tight metallic/liquid lycra catsuits with black motorcycle helmets, and the boy dancers are wearing tight jumpsuits with the same helmets.

A cool effect . . .