Wednesday, November 11, 2009

retro smoothskin wetsuits

one of my earliest fetish experiences was with one of these on a high school white water rafting trip. just not me wearing it but seeing them on my classmates too.

the look and feel is very close to real latex - or as real as you can get too when balloons are the only other thing you've had time to play with.

another aspect i loved is the way they almost could stand up by themselves as they are so thick. almost like a latex shell; a rubber skin of a life sized doll. oh.... and they can really compress you and kinda snap you into the shape of the suit unless you exert your own force against its pre-made shape. very bondage lite in the same way as corseting is bondage lite.

being so slow and involved to get into one also means your going to stay in it for awhile now won't it?



JenniferCD said...

They're called "skinsuits" and are manufacturers of vintage wetsuits. I've looked at their website and there are truly wonderful.

JenniferCD said...

Amazing... If you try "SKINsuit One" with "3 Finger Neoprene Gloves", "neoprene hood" and "neoprene stocks"... wow... 471€! Also, you have to add 35€ for shipping costs. Total: 506€
The complete suit weighs about 5 Kg and the thickness is 3 mm Normally, the thickness of the rubber wear is only 0.30mm. or 0.45mm....

Anonymous said...

Those wetsuits look great!

latexxtom said...

for 2 years i have order by ebay and i have send about 500 € with paypal but he not send the clothing!!!
he is a immoral swindler! he send me mails about the times from 8 weeks because he lost difference parts for the clothing. after the 8 weeks this was to late for the insurance from paypal! i become nothing! you can believe me. peoples from another have contact me with the same problem. now i have order the vintage-scuba-clothing by

latexxtom said...

seller warning!!!!

Demon said...

I started to look up the seller out of curiousity, and sure enough, what popped up was another place agreeing with latexxtom's comments:

Great look, just don't go through the vendor in the video.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago we had a similar swindler in Australia named Jennen.He would take your order 10 weeks in advance paided for of course and simply never send the product.He left Melbourne in Australia and fled to Europe. I would enjoy meeting this thief and I assure you he would not walk away.