Sunday, November 22, 2009

she makes a perfect doll

i keep wondering how this doll and latex fetish of mine is being reflected in mainstream media. seems every day there's something new in a surprising in print.

thanks to Jari who sent in the link to a collection of photos on a Japanese site here. all the images are on that one page. if there's more on that site then please post in comments.

there's loads more in the collection so do go have a look.



hanzoushinrei said...

Not japanese. It's a mainland chinese site.

sylvrgirl said...

You might like this video, too.

Visitorfan said...

Indeed, its a rather well known chinese cosplay. Been circulating the net since a couple of years back.

Superb doll cosplay agreed.

Anonymous said...

Another thing I've heard, get ready to be shocked-

That's a boy.