Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a wider call to my readers

in the event anyone is interested and is looking for a change then do have a look at RubbaMaster 's Rubber Pal Profile.

i am sure i'm not in the right space right now although these words from his entry tease me so:

Do you wish to be encapsulated in skin-tight latex, transformed into a rubber covered doll, fantastically re-shaped into a parody of humanity, your shape, movement and bodily functions controlled for life?

Once you see yourself in the full length mirror, totally depersonalised, a gleaming black doll with mirrored eyes, the reflection copying every movement you make, no human features visible, as you realise that the image is your true form, will you sink so far into your new persona that you will not want to return to the 'real' world?

This rubber-clad dominant couple will guide you on a journey to latex enclosed ecstasy that will seem like a dream you never wish to wake up from and, just maybe, you never will.

poetic isn't it?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This sounds to good to be true. I have been searching for someone like this for ten years and found only fakes.