Sunday, November 22, 2009

too many passwords

well i think its happened again. i've lost my password and forgotten my user name on Dollification Forum. this will be the third time as after the first time i set up a new account. so rather just having one possible name and password there's a few.

i went through hell with my ATM cards both sending me new passwords at the same time and yet not saying what they were for.

so if anyone there is in charge there and reads this, can you please email me at asudemlatex at yahoo dot com and help me get back into forum? or i'd settle for a hint on my more recent posts there and my user name.



Sir Jaerls said...

May I suggest a biometric? You can get fingerprint readers rather inexpencively and the system stores all you login info. Set it once and forget.

Anonymous said...

Once asudem fulfilled her dream and is completly sealed into latex,
the fingerprint will not work for her anymore!

Maybe a barcode or USB-token integrated into the latex skin? - if at all the latex-sealed doll will have an itch to blog and post other than serving her master?

Asudem Latex said...

Master? or lover or Mistress... still undecided although very close to being able to be latex 24/7 if i'm allowed too.


Skinowner said...

Hello asudem;

Have you seen the movie 'Surrogates'. I have a feeling you ill like it.


Anonymous said...

Check your email accounts.

- dollification Management.