Sunday, November 22, 2009

latex boots and pink piggies

it appears that the chinese latex designers are finally moving on from stealing both the designs from European stores as well as their photos and they're now making efforts to diversify.

one example was just sent into me for a firm called Latex Boot and who would of guessed it - makes real latex boots.

there's a range of styles with most of them having a stacked sole. i've sent them an email about pricing and wether they have plans for high heel wedges in solid black or even clear plastic.

two of their links which caught my eye was "Inflatable rubber boots for fun" and "Latex pony boots". sadly no photos or information. guess its in the 'being developed dept'.

actually the site is pretty bereft of hard data like something obvious like how much were they as well as shipping costs and time. one good news is they do take paypal which makes ordering a whole lot easier.

another item stood out for its sheer weirdness. the inflatable latex pig!

now i know about the ponies, the puppies and even the cow girls. however latex pigs is new to me.


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nzrubber said...

Surely you've seen Pretty Pervy's pig outfits before?