Monday, February 01, 2010

of course models are dolls now aren't they

taken to a truely amazing extreme this link was sent to me by Thilo in Germany.

they were made by a couple in australia and she explains more about them:

"his was one of the most mammoth, complicated, annoying, crazy things I've ever had to make. And I've made a few strange things. I'll spare you the trials and tribulations and just give you the pretty pictures of the finished products. I learned SO MUCH during the process of of making many mistakes! We were just about in tears sometimes, but I think, in the end, they look great. Phew!

I almost forgot to explain that we made these for a hair show. The hair/wigs was done by a hairdresser. We made the heads. The wigs are AMAZING. There were 6 heads made in total, each had it's own style.

they are quite light, they have a stem at the back of the neck that leads down to the waist where there is a back brace so all the weight is on their hips. The wigs are heavier than the heads, especially the geisha style one. They used dancers instead of models cause they thought they might have more strength and balance. If anyone wants to know the process I can go into more detail for them."

their homepage is Pink Cactus Props and i do plan to write to her to show she's had coverage here.


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