Monday, February 22, 2010

i was already doing this for years

a couple of years ago i gave up on the idea of the catsuit - don't get me wrong - i love them - but they are a bit of a pain to get in and out of and more so if your wearing them for a full work day under your normal clothes.

taking 'breaks' and cleaning up is to be honest a slow mess. i just order the tights and get a matching long sleeved top. easy.

now someone at Libidex has realized this too so they now offering:

"Our cunning two piece catsuitt comes as a separate top and bottom, with a back zip on the top and a through crotch zip on the leggings. You can order each half in a different size to achieve a custom fit, without the cost of going made to measure!

Order one NOW at the special price of £130 (normal price £199.95) - offer closes at the end of the sale!

Just enter 'Newsletter Offer' in the special instructions field on your order, or bring a copy of this newsletter with you, to claim your discount."
good news they offer them with mix and match sizing for tops and bottoms too. at £130 for a catsuit thats a real deal. although i've now just noticed the sale date has been reached and they are now back up to a £150 which is still a fair discount.

now i wonder how their doll suit is selling as it was one of the first to be sold as such on fetish latex site?


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Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say. Catsuits are great in theory but are more difficult to get on and off and more difficult to clean up. The two piece design gives you the same looks and full coverage.

Matter of fact one of my ideas is for a three piece suit. The long sleeved top; footed tights in a kind of "suspenders" design to give a generous clearance around the crotch area; and a small pair of shorts that go on over the top of the tights. No zippers to worry about with the catching and stiffness, no hindrance to cleanup with the shorts down, always stay 90% rubbered even during bathroom visits!