Monday, February 15, 2010

rubber dolls for Valentines

if you were lucky enough to attend Torture Garden's massive Valentines event in London at Scene One then you would be confronted by a tunnel of latex dolls - 4 in fact and all Britne's.

thanks to Black Ice for sending these in and who seems to be still recovering from the event. a full collection of the nights activities, shows and people will be on 3XL either first with a preview or all at once.

according to reports, after clearing the changing room and coat rack lines you could go straight or turn to your right and down a sealed off (with heavy clear PVC strips) area where the sex dolls hung from the sealing and where near identical Britne Dolls were guiding patrons through.

another surprise part of the installation was a blonde woman semi fused to a matching female mannequin. from the images it looks like she almost fits into the mannequin shell. now there just _has_ to be a seed of a story in there. had she escaped from an evil store and was only partly made into a mannequin?

there's likely to be more in the sequence - we'll all just have to wait untill 3XL has them posted online.


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Mark Bennett said...

FYI - the new UK edition of Wonderland has someone walking around central London in a female mask as part of a photo shoot.

Looks to be a guy in drag and really crap photo's. Figured you'd like to know and have a look. Don't recommend it.