Thursday, February 18, 2010

more of a concept

i am back in second life and still wanting to get sealed up as a clock work latex doll and i realized that i don't have the time or skills to develop all the bits i need to accomplish this.

i'm more of a concept doll. imagination is my fluid space and so i am looking for in world builders who can make some of the concepts for buildings, dolls, clothing etc that are in my rubbery little brain and need to be let out for the world to see.

please email me at or inworld im asudem kasei.

i don't have much money there so these will simply work with a percentage with 20% or so coming back to me as the creator.

oh and does anyone know where to get a Bratz AV?



Nofate301 said...

I believe I am going to start going into second life. i gave it a glance way back when, but seeing what's possible.

I'm gonna give it another go, I hope it's ok to add you. it would be nice to have a friend in an unfamiliar land.

Asudem Latex said...

sure, feel free


Anonymous said...

One wishes you were more 'alive'.
You may as well just make up an alt robot and leave her there.
So many malls have blank robots standing around, i fear you are becoming just one of them.(to make traffic for mall owners) you pushed boundaries in the day but now that there are so many bots about..well i think its time for a change.
I think the magaic of SL is that a DOLL can actually walk and talk and participate and see things and have fun.
You arnt really there if your afk. I'd let you off the hook if you remained 'awake' like some kind of self tormenting bondage.. but afk is cheating.
Pyewacket wont stop visiting from time to time but this sl doll would enjoy communication that works both ways.
-Pye xo

Asudem Latex said...

i'm just busy with rl work, so sl is a msging center for me in some ways.

anyone can email me at and so few do.

of course i want to take the robot and doll thing to the extreme. become totally automatic under the hands and care of a understanding Mistress.