Monday, February 22, 2010

free latex suits!!!

well free in the virtual world of Second Life and you can look at it on the web at xlstreetsl.

there's actually two free items - the FREE HybridZ Nylon Stocking Swish (sound) and FREE RLV SCRIPTED DOLL SUIT - a perfect reason to get into Second Life from a great designer.

do make sure you rate them too.



Anonymous said...

Frankly I've become a bit disillusioned with HybridZ of late. They're definitely falling into the trap of "same thing, different texture"
Which isn't to say that I don't occasionally buy there, and that this freebie isn't awesome. It's just... well, why should the exact same outfit entirely in black cost 700L$?

Batche said...

The BalloonGirls are another one of theirs which are great, but leave you scratching your head.

850L for one? Alright, sure, willing to pay that to cover uploads, scriptwork, and concepts. Sure.

... But I think I want a second colour, too. So another 850L for exactly the same contents... And 10L more worth of texture uploads? 840L isn't a bad profit on those after a second colour...

Anonymous said...

Natalie from HybridZ here. Thanks for the comments guys we read them with interest as we're always glad to hear feedback. We are aiming to broaden our range in 2010 to include more than just the Doll suits. As for the Balloon Girl Batche, a future update giving you different colour choices from the one purchase is something we'll look into. Thanks again xxxxx

Yora Vig said...

Hey all. So I have to chime in here I do enjoy Hybridz a lot and I think that the freebie suit they have is a great deal. I mean just look at it! As for pricing, well honestly it's there choice what to price at and there prices aren't bad at all, especially compared to other places. Getting a full doll av for under 1000 that's a really high quality one is hard to find. Especially when you consider they have animations and RLV scripting in them.