Thursday, February 18, 2010

silicone the new fetish material?

has anyone played with the various cheap silicone kids toys at all? they have an artificial fruit smell to them and a slight talc'ing too. what did u make of them? they're very resilient, totally stretchy and when wet very slick. i remember first getting one a few years ago that was a metallic purple tube that sort of fed upon itself going back inside itself as you squished it.

needless to say i tried to keep in on my hand like some sort of inflatable rubber bondage mitt.

which of course where the initial speculation came from. it wasn't until i revisited a toy store that i noticed a lot of these things around. wonder what else could be made this way?

there was one particular pervy one which was some sort of spider like balloon creature covered with thick 3 inch long hairs. i wonder what its like to be packed in a crate of them? hmmm....

i wasn't the only one having the idea. it seems that FemSkin are extending their range and market place to include catsuits made of the same material although at 900$ they cost way more than even the most basic catsuit or latex leggings.



K-8 (conscious_object) said...

If these really are made of the same "liquid metal" material, you might want to look into them as a more affordable experiment?

K-8 (conscious_object) said...

N/m, it's not, I wouldn't bother (apparently there is a difference between "liquid metal" and "liquidmetal")

Bastian Travels said...

See, I have been waiting for this. Actually I was wanting to produce stuff and make money off of Silicone based fetish outfits. No basic models and not enough silicone on hand.
The great thing is if you use the right silicone you can make a neck entry suit that could almost stand on its own. Even have heels built into it.
You could even make it look like a jointed marionette suit and still be sealed neck to toe. Maybe a groove around the collar to fit matching head piece into.

Anonymous said...

Silicone does have some advantages over latex rubber.

- Hypoallergenic
- More resistant or immune to stains, fading, dye running, heat or rotting
- A lot more resistance against tears, snags, pinprick holes (and the destruction of the garment that they can suddenly cause)
- More stretchy, no elastic fatigue, makes neck entry more workable

You have to balance these things against the disadvantages of being much more difficult to make clothing from and the expense even beyond normal latex wear.

Still would love to try one of these silicone suits on but unfortunately can't see it happening for a good while yet.