Saturday, May 15, 2010

meanwhile in second life ... still human-ish

after spending over 600hrs locked up in a RLV relay case on Doll Island and being released due to my set time being up, i'm sort of just wandering around and posing now. i was hoping to be reduced to key operated automated doll in world, saldy that has still to be realized.

here i am at stones n rubber:

or from this short video by Pye filmed when i wasn't looking at Powers of Creation (POC) before Kai refurbished the entire store:

or at the Doll Detention Center where i found this glass bottle which i just had to get into (still locked in there even now);

for those who have read Nanoslaver's excellent Thaasophobe pt2, you'll realise my fascination with it and why i was hoping there would be poses or animation for a few more women. if not - go read it asap. i'm still yearning for a part 3 Nano if your reading this ;-)

once your caught up and if your a SL builder or land owner; i've figured out how to build it perfectly with SL. do im or email me as i love to see it realized in there.

btw - i am wearing POC tribute to the Fantastic Rubber mannequin catsuit which you can actually buy as a real garment and not just in world.


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