Monday, May 31, 2010

a model, a singer or actress?

still not sure what Raquel Reed is but from her myspace page here which was kindly sent into me by Jonas she does have a very dollish look to her well 'look' and photos.

here's one of her videos i liked the most for obvious reasons:

maybe doll covers it all?



Anonymous said...

Cute YouTube video--I'll take inspiration where I can find it. *lol*

I'm not so sure about Ms. Reed's website though. I don't see why everyone has to push themselves as "the next Gaga" when the one we currently have is....ehh. You know?

That aside it does look like she does know how to rock being the doll. Kudos.

Bradley Poe

jeandoll said...

Hey this dollvideo has message!
...that or i'm reading it too much.
But making doll videos is ahard work, after few ones they can quickly come very repeative.
This one mocks oggling videos, and stupid commentators of youtube type.
And at the same time she manages to look extreme dollish!