Saturday, May 22, 2010

rare Doc Vanderlay mask on ebay

i have emailed on a few occasions and not had a response in well over a year. he had been working on several new designs including one based loosely on Paris Hilton which looked very Barbie like. not a peep since the so i was very excited when i saw this listing on ebay.

i still think they're the best and most dollish masks i've seen so far. then i found katzeneule0172, a seller from Germany who had a very interesting range of masks; from animals, to very very heavy rubber to more traditional female ones which were close to Doc Vanderlay. does anyone own them? what are they like?

the heavy rubber ones are just begging to be used as part of a Bane system.

after some more compulsive searching i found some vintage mannequin heads which i'd buy if my paypal slush fund wasn't dry now. though i did realize that their makeup style and skin tone was an aspect i liked alot and defined them as mannequins. now how does one repaint latex?



Anonymous said...

The "Studio Heavy Rubber T4" looks like a cheap imitation of the "Twinset" hood by Rubber's Finest.

The genuine item can be found here - scroll about 1/2 way down the page. Note the warning the Rubber's Finest do not sell via e-bay.

Anonymous said...

Ugh...looks like I messed the code up in the above post.

Suggest you visit Rubber's Finest and see their MASKS pages in the SHOP and also check out their NEWS page.

Anonymous said...

Heyo Squee, Im I have posted before here fotos of Doc Vandeley "Sailor Ami mask" somt ime laste year maybe year before.

Anyways I have had in my possession a Birtney and Barbie mask. The Birtney I recently sold becuase i got myself a photogenic and never really wore her mutch anymore, the barbie i still have becuase lets face it its a top doll around and being able to dress like her with an exact sculpt of her face is very funny ^_^

The Birtney mask was very much like a photogenic in its style and such, it was full head and neck and laced all the way down enclosing the wearer's face totally, the nose fitted right and mouth, was closed but again fitted comfortably. Could beworn for up to 8 hours i found, though i hav had a night sleeing in one before ^-^ If you want some photos id be willing to send some over ?

Anonymous said...

Rubber's finest has had a history of getting bootlegged on ebay, and the demand for good quality doll masks seems to be on the rise. I'd be vary wary of this seller.

jeandoll said...

This katzeneule0172 seems indeed yet another ebay reseller.
If you want femalemask, fairest thing is to buy it straight from those who make em.

Anonymous said...

Just note that the Ebay seller "katzeneule0172" has changed his name to "lmnicholson". It could be a privacy thing but more likely it could be someone selling cheap Chinese gear that looks superficially like the photos.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this german seller for a few years, (I believe, my opinion only) he changes his seller name from time to time when he get a couple negatives from foolish buyers thinking they were getting "as good as" a Rubber's Finest mask but instead only got a fair deal for $89.
He seems to be knocking off masks from a variety of mfrs and doing a competant job of it for what he charges. So yeah it's a "cheap knock off" but has anyone seen what RF gets for their product? After the exchange rate and shipping, not many of us in the States can afford such a luxury, though I'm sure it's not over priced for its quality.
So if you have $500 go for it, I think it's silly to bash this ebay seller when he's not even implying it's something it isn't but the buyer assumes. AFAIK he's not ripping people off outright. (though there may be licensing issues as he does say "studio" in some listings, but really- he's giving people a fair deal from what I see)
Asudem, I'm going to send you my email address, I have a "living doll" I bought some years ago that's in serviceable condition (I'll clean it)you can have gratis in appreciation for your fine blogging, I'll even cover postage.
(look in subject line for "living doll")
Really they aren't that spectacular, of all the masks I've bought the best FITTING was the maskbeauty ones they sell on ebay from time to time-
And bidding starts at $50, I think I got it for $60 or so.
I'm sure we'd all love a natori silicone mask, a femskin with all options, but nobody I know has been rolling in dough like that since the '90's.
Oh and the only mannekin heads that are big enough to use are rare. The biggest I found is mfr'd by Pivot Point, their "Erika" model, and STILL only if you have a smaller than average face and it's not comfortable

Anonymous said...

that german seller is a rip off!


i purchase from him, it's horrible, thick and smells so nasty

He uses one stock photo and always claims that slight differences vary because it's hand painted.... yea right!
does one nice photo and sends you something with the eyes stuck on (stickers!)
eyebrows were not even properly painted.

had to go through paypal to try and get some money back...
sent it back, he received it and signed for it but because the postal service couldn't show me this in time, paypal decided in HIS favour!
So I lost the original purchase price and shipping.... then registered shipping back to him!

no laces either....

I wish I found this blog site earlier

would have saves me well lets say alot of time effort.

I feel so sorry for all those naive on ebay that see his sh*t flooding the ebay market
also i've noticed he shills this account with positive feedbacks for the very mask i recieved on the 'new' account.
all i say is buyers be warned.

it's always the same font style and listing template and 60cm is written in there by memory.

there's been a few interesting ones up lately but the seller has dropped off for a bit (vacation maybe??)
but 100% feedback