Thursday, May 06, 2010

time for some math: aka wow i am popular!!

my math is awful so i'm hoping someone whose skilled in this area can post the current totals in comments for me. a spreadsheet might be needed.

first i started with an embedded counter which is visible at the bottom of this page which has a tendency of not working which i detailed here.

now my statcounter is now up too an estimated 1,514,721 total since started with an estimated 60,000 per month and 2,500 to close to 3,000 a day (peaked at 3,000+ a couple times in the last week).

trick is to figured out when the counter numbers stopped and add to the stat counter one; from the time the above entry link to now thats an additional 623,464 hits.

as a rough and really really rough of hits only - 2,424,464, which is more impressive if you say the number aloud.


1 comment:

Kate latex said...

Congrats asudem. Can't remember how many years ice been Reading now, keep up the good work! I have to admit though I do miss the occasional updates from you about your own experiences, how much you wear latex these days, are you trapped in heels now? Would be lovely to hear more about your real life latex transformation.

Anyway thanks again.

Kate xx