Monday, May 31, 2010

revisit The Torture Garden in 3D

ok, so Avatar was great - we all know that now don't we. amazing 3d and people are getting homesick even for Pandora - or so i've read.

now here's one auction i've not missed yet although it does end today and its the Torture Garden in 3D listed on ebay uk here. you need to have a full 3d gaming rig or specialist hardware to view it however unless you want to just see it normal-o-vision.

here's a clip of one of the shows by HW Designs;

you think it must be something worth getting as the number of 3d DVDs out there is pretty limited at the moment.


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Mark Bennett said...

Thanks Asudem for posting this. Not sold yet - fingers crossed.

Coincidently a local friend now has the ACER 3d projector and the right Nvidia bits so I was able to watch parts of it on a big screen and it works bloody well! Even lost the ghosting from the glass over te 3d attachment.

I think the 60hz per eye makes a massive difference.

Thanks again.