Tuesday, March 27, 2007

are rave fashions back?

one disturbing trend in fashion is day-glo rave wares. the occasional glitter is a good thing and the silver and gold leggings a definate must have (well i have) but the full on primary colour assault is just bad imho.

still they do make use of black super gloss leggings in this Vogue Glamorama spread at Style.com; the complete story appears in the March 2007 issue here.

and are her legs really that long and thin or has she been retouched?



Luiz said...

I love that ponytails! But they will look better in her hair color!

SteveMND said...

Given how many models used for these sorts of photoshoots are so incredibly (unhealthily, some would say, and unattractively, I would say) thin, yes, I suspect she is indeed just that skinny.

Jen Lee said...

Give me a buzz on yahoo