Sunday, March 11, 2007

its just a zentai suit now isn't it...?

another scan from blackice who spotted a writer's report of trying out the various more extreme fashion ideas shown in london fashion week. article is from London Evening Standard friday magazine.

as he rightly pointed out in the email he sent the scan with - "the designer is selling zentai suits you can get off ebay for 20$ or less... "

kudos to Torture Garden for getting a mention. seems the writer knows about the club, has friends whose been or maybe even goes herself?



TheThinMan said...

Did anyone else notice that the picture credit included a section on hair and makeup? That has to be the easiest job in the world.

blackice said...

I did a shoot with a friends wife who can model and she wore the black znetai suit - almost identical.

Must say there's def advantages of not worrying about the hair / makeup. comes down to posing and using the body to be interesting and not relying on the impact of the other aspects.

Photo was in Skin Two, prob have a scan of it somewhere.


TheThinMan said...

Which still begs the question, what in the heck did Roisen Donaghy do to get a credit in that photo?

SteveMND said...

I suspect they're under some sort of contract to mention the folks on each blurb they're involved with -- maybe there were other photos in other outfits they ended up not using -- although it did give me a chuckle when I first noticed it. :-)

L.E. said...

I remember seeing a photo credit that enumerated the photographer,the people in the photo,the designers of all items of clothing and furniture,the makeup artists,the hairstylist...and,with nothing seemingly left to take credit for,"Styled by..."
I couldn't figure out what that person was supposed to have done.