Friday, March 09, 2007

talk of the town; latex leggings on the catwalks

i've been doing some more research with google of various fashion blogs and online newspaper articles and it seems that latex leggings were consistantly a big hit in the recent fashion shows in europe.

this bit of investigative reporting was in part prompted by libidex's email of their monthly special offer which pointed out that it was latex tights, not leggings and latex of course and not PVC that was being spotted in various catwalk shows. the Manish Arora show with the spacey garments were from libidex.

the newsletter said:

We were approached last month to produce a large quantity of our classic tights for renowned and innovative fashion designer Manish Aurora. These were used to great effect alongside his outlandish designs in this year's London Fashion Week at the Natural History Museum, London at the start of February. Subsequently, our lovely tights have been splashed all over the magazines and papers, with full page spreads in the top London newspapers, (although you would think that by now some journalists would be able to tell the difference between pvc and rubber!)

See more of the exquisite and slightly eccentric outfits accompanied by our classic tights here:

Manish's personal website is here:

There are also some great images by Getty Images here, including some models being assisted into their rubber tights! here

at Style Bytes a blogger was so inspired by the trend and reportst by fellow blogger i already did an entry on that here, that she started with thick glossy tights and then bought a real pair off ebay and she's waiting for them in the post now.

on the handbag blog by Emma Sells she reports her experience at london fashion week and being allowed back stage at the same fashion show the libidex tights were being worn.

she wrote here:

The tights were particularly fascinating to me – I asked one of the models about them and she said that it took three people and a tub of talc to get her in, but once on they were very comfy and warm. I look forward to seeing them in Topshop next season, if only so I can see the look of horror on my boyfriend’s face when I ask him to help me manoeuvre into them.

topshop btw is a big uk clothing chain who were also doing the silver and gold leggings i was after (and now have btw).

a broader view of london fashion weeks sci-fi trends can be found here and focuses on Hussein Chalayan autumn/winter 2007/2008 collection which also had models with stunning legs in jet black latex ltights.

... so is this just another of the fashion world's flirtation with various types of fetishes and even bdsm imagery? or will it lead to more people trying latexstarting with leggings and tights?

the fashion bloggers are definately keen and well now i'm thinking that i could get away with wearing them in public when the weather finally warms up.....



blackice said...

Hust reading Rubberist Net this morning and Slick has done a round up of all the designers using latex or latex like leggings.

Believe you need to be registered for the direct link.

Definately a trend and much cheaper thant than the designer outfits being sold.


Dark said...

I don't suspect this will have much of an impact. My sense is that some designers are reaching for new silhouettes because they have to do new things... and fetish seems to be bubbling under the radar, but not out of sight as it once was. They are always loking for some new "look" to include in their silhouettes... endlessly recycling and tuning the old and what's out there into something which is supposed to look new.

It's a trend when I see females in NYC running around in latex leggings... which I don't. It's still definitely a niche. designers showing short skirts are looking for some new way to deal with lots of exposed leg... and the nude look is not dressed enough, I suppose so they do the opaque cover look with some lacquer legs.

I suspect the look is too "hot" for most gals (except for those who want to send the I am a bit of a perv message out. Perv still hasn't received the mainstream blessing so it's likely that fetish won't be catching on until it does.

The designers showing fetishy looks are hardly the big names... although you do get a D&G and maybe Versace, or Mugler pushing the edge.. but it doesn't seem to stick... does it? Mostly runway hype which never makes it to the streets.